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Ice Fishing
Packages Include

- Gear transportation
- Fishing gear & bait
- Drilling of ice holes
- Basic fishing lesson
- Heated ice shelter
- Beverages & snack
 *Optional meal

- 4 hours on Ice
- $300 [1 or 2 People]
- $450 [3 People]
* $100 each additional
   person or hour

Spring, Fall, Winter Fishing

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Fall, Winter & Spring Fishing
Phone: 585-905-6252

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Trout, Steelhead & Salmon Fishing
Sweet Melissa Fishing Charters & Guides Services offers a variety of walk & wade packages through the Finger Lakes Region. Enjoy breath taking views and natures finest with our professional guides learning the basics in catching a variety of fish. Experience fishing in the following waters, streams, rivers, & lakes year round with Sweet Melissa Fishing Charters & Guides Service.

Pick from a variety of fishing choices within the Finger Lakes Region from onshore fishing, via boat, or in the rivers, creeks and streams utilizing hip waders. All necessary fishing gear and bait is provided by Sweet Melissa Fishing Charters & Guides Services. To reserve a spot and enjoy Upstate New York’s finest fishing spots via Sweet Melissa Fishing Charters & Guides Service CALL NOW….. We fish year round throughout the Finger Lakes in the following lakes, streams, creeks, and rivers. Contact Sweet Melissa Fishing Charters & Guides Services for detailed information on seasonal fishing excursions at (585)905-6252

   Ice Fishing Rivers, Creeks, & Streams Lake Fishing
   Canandaigua Lake Genessee River Canandaigua Lake
   Keuka Lake Irondequoit Creek Conesus Lake
   Cayuga Lake Sandy Creek Keuka Lake
   Irondequoit Bay Honeoye Creek Honeoye Lake
   Honeoye Lake Black Creek  
   Conesus Lake Oatka/Allen's Creek  

Genesee River
The Genesee River is just over 150 miles long and is one of the few rivers in North America that flow from south to the north. The river gets its start near the Pennsylvania border and flows through the Letchworth State Park and eventually winds up flowing into Lake Ontario in Rochester. Tributaries that flow into the Genesee River include Honeoye Creek, Oatka Creek, and Black Creek.

Our Genesee River Guides depart from the scenic Genesee River Fishing Access Site, run by New York State DEC which is located at the end of St. Paul Blvd. in Summerville. The lower falls gorge of the Genesee River at the Seth Green access site. Features ample parking and benches, and is open year-round.

“I tell people, when you are down in the gorge fishing the Genesee River, if you didn’t know you were in the City of Rochester, you’d think you were deep within Alaska.”

The Genesee River receives runs of salmon and trout just like the other tributaries of Lake Ontario. From my experience; when the fish are spawning, they will run the tributaries as far as they can go. All see prime-time fishing this time of year. But the fish are particularly drawn to the churning water below the falls where the oxygen is greater. In prior years, the power plant's turbines have been down, meaning water is not diverted and the falls are bigger and the fishing is more prolific at this location.

The Genny River also offers excellent summer fishing for northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye, perch, catfish as well as excellent spring and fall action for steelhead, king salmon, brown trout and lake trout. Early in the fall, king salmon begin to stage off the Genesee River for their spawning run up the river to the lower falls. This draws many anglers from all over the United States to fish. The piers in Charlotte offer excellent fishing for anglers wanting to cast spoons, egg sacks, or rappels. The lower falls gorge of the Genesee River at the Seth Green access site is excellent for spin casting, fly fishing, or float fishing. If you chose to fish off a boat there are excellent opportunities when trolling for king salmon or steelhead off the mouth of the Genesee River.

The lower stretch portion of the river has a dam which is used to produce hydroelectricity. Angler’s should be aware of this and be careful if the waters start to rise quickly. The Genesee River is very rocky and has strong currents. So please use corkers and good judgment when fishing & wading in this river.

The Genesee River is part of a lake sturgeon restoration program also. New York State has been releasing hatchery reared sturgeon in an attempt to restore self-sustaining wild populations which once flourished here. The river also receives brown trout and steelhead stockings each year from the Department of Environmental Conservation. Periods of high water often bring fresh runs of Lake Ontario brown trout and steelhead into the lower portions of the river.

Irondequoit Creek
Irondequoit Creek flows through Ontario and Monroe counties emptying into Irondequoit Bay on Lake Ontario. Irondequoit Creek is one of the best rainbow trout (steelhead) streams in New York State. Join our professional guides on an adventure you will remember forever. Although it has only a small amount of Public Fishing Rights Areas purchased by the NYSDEC, numerous city, town and county parks offer additional access sites on Irondequoit Creek. Each year the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) stocks 27,500 rainbow trout (steelhead) and 7,600 brown trout including over 1,500 two year old fish. Monroe County also stocks brown trout into the portion of Irondequoit Creek within Powder Mill Park. And Wild brown trout are found upstream of Powder Mill Park

Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek flows through Orleans and Monroe Counties, emptying into Lake Ontario west of Rochester. Join our Professional Guides during the Fall runs of Coho salmon, brown trout and Chinook salmon that offer great opportunities for anglers to mount that trophy catch. Accompany us during the runs of rainbow trout (steelhead) occur in late fall and early spring, offering additional angler enjoyment & entertainment. Each year the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) stocks over 100,000 Chinook salmon, 26,000 Coho salmon and 14,650 rainbow trout (steelhead) in Sandy Creek. Lake Ontario tributary regulations apply.

Oatka Creek / Allen’s Creek
Oatka Creek is the third longest tributary of the Genesee River, located in Western New York. From southern Wyoming County, it flows 58 miles to the Genesee River near Scottsville. Today it remains an important regional resource, used for water supply and recreational purposes, and actively protected to assure water quality. Join our professional guides to this popular trout stream, stocked from the oldest fish hatchery in the Western Hemisphere near its mouth. A dam in Le Roy makes the section below it a losing stream, dry during the warm months of the year as the stream flows through subterranean channels Like its parent stream it originated during the end of the last Ice Age, as glacial impact on the upper Allegheny Plateau created a rolling landscape streams could gradually erode through, The Oatka carved a deep groove known today as the Oatka Valley, where the upper creek's two major settlements would be established. Native Americans of the Seneca nation established a few settlements along it where clearings arose in the forest.

Honeoye Creek
Honeoye Creek is a tributary of the Genesee River in western New York. Honeoye is a Seneca word translated as "a lying finger," or "where the finger lies." Honeoye Creek emerges from the north end of Honeoye Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, in Richmond, Ontario County. The hamlet of Honeoye within Richmond is located on the creek where it passes under US Route 20A.
As Honeoye Creek flows northward, it is joined by the Hemlock Outlet Creek and then becomes the border between Ontario County and Livingston County. The stream flows into Monroe County, passing the village of Honeoye Falls in Mendon, where it flows over a waterfall. Honeoye Creek then continues in a westerly direction enters the Genesee River in West Rush, near Avon.

Black Creek
The Black Creek runs across the north edge of the park, and wetlands associated with the Mill Creek cross the park near the south side. The Chili Historical Society is located at the southeast edge of the park (entrance on Union Street).

Black Creek is a stream located just 5.3 miles from Rochester, in Monroe County, in the state of New York, United States, near Genesee Junction, NY. Black Creek Park is in Monroe County, about 10 miles south of Rochester, New York. It is a relatively undeveloped 1,505-acre park operated by Monroe County, including soccer and baseball fields, as well as a number of trails for hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing; picnic areas, a sledding hill, and two enclosed lodges.

The main entrance is at 3835 Union Street (Route 259), south of Chili Avenue (Route 33A), in North Chili.


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